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Datacenters, IT solutions, Cooling, Building management systems

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Advant, d.o.o.
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WiFi DesignPro – »It is easy to build bad WiFi« 20.11.2019. Konferenca INFOSEK, Nova Gorica, Hotel Perla, od 27. do 29.11.2019 Vabimo vas, da se nam pridružite na tradicionalni 17. konferenci INFOSEK. WiFi DesignPro – »It is easy to build bad WiFi« 20.11.2019. INFOSEK conference Nova Gorica, Hotel Perla, 27th – 29th November 2019 We invite you to join us at the traditional 17th INFOSEK conference. ADVANT offers the products and services to design, deliver, install and maintain both Copper and Fiber Optic structured cabling systems. We have a team of very experienced project managers that take care of all stages of the project, from planning according to the needs of the customer to the final stages of testing and providing network. INFOSEK is the largest event in Slovenia in the field of Information Security. It offers participants the opportunity to get acquainted with the latest trends and lessons learned from information security, both in the Slovenian and the wider European area, as every year besides Slovene lecturers we also host renowned foreign experts. Optical fibers are used most often as a means to transmit light between the two ends of the fiber and find wide usage in fiber-optic communications, where they permit transmission over longer distances and at higher bandwidths (data rates) than electrical cables. After building the Data Center, we also offer our customers high level maintenance services. With our own technical support, we cover most of the Data Center infrastructure, from Uninterruptible Power Supplies, Cooling Systems, DCIM, Coper and Fiber Structured Cabling, Networking and Servers. Podjetje ADVANT je z vami že od leta 1998. Naše osnovno poslanstvo je biti vodilni graditelj informacijsko komunikacijske infrastrukture. Aktivnosti, ki jih povezujemo do dobre tehnične rešitve so: svetovanje, priprava idejnih rešitev, projektiranje, izvedba, tehnična pomoč in vzdrževanje.

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