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Letališče Bovec - Domača stran športnega letališča Bovec

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Vse v zvezi s športnim letališčem Bovec in Posoškim aeroklubom Tolmin-Letališče Bovec.

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Z dnem 11.11.2011 se je upravljalec letališča, Posoški aeroklub Tolmin-Letališče Bovec tudi uradno preimenoval v Aeroklub Bovec. Our friend Luka Žnidaršič (LZ) has flown over the Bovec airfield surroundings and during the flight he filmed this wonderful video. Province: Airfield position: Altitude of airfield: RWY: Northern Primorska: Extreme northwest of Slovenia near the border with Italy, in the Soca River valley, 500 m south from the town of Bovec PILOT INFORMATION . Approaching from the East: You are obligatory to report Your position at least 5000 ft QNH upon the Soca village, 8km NE from the airfield. You will find a lot of interesting photos from the our airfield and its surroundings here. We'll add the photos and videos gradually, so You are kindly invited to visit this site more frequently. You simply click on the certain thumbnail to obtain the larger photo. The LJBO Bovec airfield is likely one of the most popular alpine airfield across the whole Alps. It is located in the amphitheater of high mountains, just some hundred meters above the emerald river Soča. The Bovec airfield (LJBO) is located at 434 m above the sea level. The Bovec basin and its surroundings are characterized by two types of weather conditions:- the weather situation preceding the front with strong winds from direction SW-NW and- the weather situation following the front with NE to E wind. All flights activities from the airfield and around the Bovec airfield are performed by ourselves. We mainly use our Robin DR400/180 "Regent" and Pilatus Porter PC 6. The most powerful aircraft of Bovec airfield is Pilatus Porter PC6, S5 - CMA. It is mostly intended for skydiving. The Drop Zone LJBO Bovec airfield is one of the most popular in this part of the world.

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