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2004-2007 © Copyright ESE LAB, all rights reserved Enlil Mains Isolation Transformer. The importance of mains supply purity is known already long time and treated in various ways by manufacturers. The cheapest solution is the use of passive filters but their negative effect on sound and modest effectivness misses our criteria. Nonlinear Audio Distortion 13-43 lyzer also yields considerable information about the distortion mechanism inside the device under test. Both the frequency and the amplitude of the sine-wave stimulus are adjustable parameters in harmonic-distortion testing. This often proves to be of great value in investigating the nature of a distortion. 16.10.2006: First Tiamat and Nibiru NG samples sold to US: 22.09.2006: New 10mm thick GM10 graphite mat added to our product line: 24.07.2006: The first series of Anu line level current domain preamplifier is in works, dispach is expected in September: 13.07.2006: Our oversees importer and dealer Audio Advancements LLC is claiming good compatibility of Jan Allaerts MC1 Eco, Boron and MkII. Welcome to Esoteric Sound Equipment Lab home. Our own demand was the main reason to start a production line of very particular audio products now offered to you. Audio Distortion Measurements by Steve Temme / . In the never ending quest for better sound transmission, reinforcement, and reproduction, the electronics have been extensively analyzed for distortion. Dis-tortion in the electroacoustic transduc-ers, while typically several orders of magnitude greater, has often been ne- WHAT'S REAL SOUND? - Proposition from designer . Sound is really a miracle. I often took in sounds having completely different atmosphere through comparison tests of amplifiers and cartridges designed to have similar frequency and distortion each other. Hi Rudi, a small "wonder" happened this morning. From the first LP on that I played through the Nibiru M (of course Corellis' Christmas concerto) the slight forward brilliance of the upper octaves has completely disapeared, and made place to an obvious tonal naturality and openess! Seems that Nibiru needs about 200 hours (including your 96 hours of test run) to fully break in. 2176uln. Our own dual channel version of the famous black face UA1176 limiter, 2U high, precise tracking and simple Stereo coupling (flip of a switch). Nibiru is a discrete design solid state current domain MC RIAA phono preamplifier operated by a pair of Pb gel batteries. Integrated intelligent battery charger is completely automatic so no user care is necessary. Nibiru has to be connected to mains in order to function even if totally off-line during playing music. For this feature there is a.

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