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About us. Company Geopipe d.o.o. is the leader and only specialized in the supply and installation of GRE (glass fiber epoxy) pipes and systems in our market. Bondstrand 2400 piping system is designed and rated to meet requirements of API 15LR, ISO 14692 and ASTM D2310. Taper/Taper adhesive bonded joint used for maximum pressure performance throughout product diameter and pressure range. Key-Lock mechanical joint can be used on pipe connections for ease and speed of assembly. Product catalog Fibre Glass Systems leads the world in supplying piping systems to a multitude of applications and service conditions within the chemical and industrial marketplace. Whether centrifugally cast or filament wound, epoxy or vinyl ester, we have the product and process to provide a fit-for-purpose system for every need. Polyplaster. Polyplaster pipe is hand lay-up pipe in diameters 1”-8” and is wound on a C.A.M. machine up to 100 inches. A variety of vinyl ester/polyester resin systems and liner thicknesses can be specified. Bondstrand 5000 is a custom vinyl ester pipe available in Asia, Europe, and South America .It utilizes the Quick-Lock straight/taper adhesive-bonded joint featuring integral pipe stop in bell for predictable, precise laying lengths. Vinylester resin matrix recommended for oxidizing acid service and water purification systems. Specialty resins can be used for services in excess of 200°F (93°C). Fiberspar. Understanding and targeting your needs motivated Fiber Glass Systems Engineers to develop these industry-leading products. As a result, we have developed a new line of spoolable composite products, which greatly expands application capabilities based on temperature, pressure and flow rate. Bondstrand 3000 series general purpose piping system with working pressure to 450 psig, depending on pipe size. Dual-angle construction provides high stiffness characteristics and dimensional stability. Operating surge pressure to 1.5 times rated operating pressure. WE OFFER YOU OUR EXPERTISE AND KNOLEDGE. We have more than 15 yrs of experience in the business and offer full support to your projects. Our staff is motivated and highly knowledgeable in the fields that they cover. Z-Core pipe has outstanding corrosion resistance to aggressive solvents such as methylene chloride, acetone, dimethyl formamide, and chloroform. It also extends the boundaries for fiberglass piping in sulfuric acid service, up to 98%. It is especially designed for service in severe corrosion applications in the chemical process industry and other industrial plants. Ceram Core piping is specifically designed for the severe abrasion conditions caused by sharp angular particles in high flow streams.Most noticeable is its successful service in handling bottom ash. Other typical services are sand lines, fly ash lines and mine tailings.

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