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we are financing our prpioersty. Most of we aren't prosperous and its mainly because they, the ruling class tries to take every dime we make and when we work for them they try to squeeze as much work out of us and give as little back.The working class and even the middle class enjoy a higher standard of living because of the thievery of the US ruling class in its dealings with the rest of underdeveloped world.This nation's ruling class has always been a theiving one. It has never been as beneficent as some folks go around repeating. The problem Bookman is talking about is the problem of class society. The rich have plundered just about everything including our wages and even our tax dollars which we don't realize we have no control over. Oh yeah we do get upset if Suzy next door is collecting a welfare check off our money, while the big checks go to corporate welfare which goes unnoticed and uncriticized. Bookman misses the point about rebuilding the country's infrastructure. Speaking of the whole truth if he wants the truth he should point out that the government spends billions of dollars on corporate handouts and whatever other fancy name you want to give it. Thats where the money goes. Hell they just spent billions bailing out Bear Stearns while they wring their hands when it comes to you and me.The truth is if they borrowed money to finance a war they could borrow money and give less to their cronies to rebuild the infrastructure,(including public schools, public housing and the health care system) but they (the power structure) have no will to do that. They are advancing their own interests as they always have.And constructive feedback is just wrong on his figures on the entitlement programs which workers in this country have rightfully earned. I am curious as who told him that crap about the programs bankrupting the country. Anybody remember the concept of redistrubiting the wealth. The oil companies are gouging us by all accounts the price of production has not risen significantly so how do we explain the jump in costs to us, besides the greedy speculators artificially inflating the price.Folks should just stay at home for a day or maybe two and force the government to make the oil companies cut it out.Bookmans premise is liberal crap trap. The rulers know the truth. They have no plans for the future except toexploit and appropriate until there is nothing else to exploit. The folks running this government know the truth, it is the average person who doesn't know the truth and that is, that nothing will change without them accepting that this is a class divided society and that the ruling class will let the rest of us starve unless we do something about it. If you think I exaggerate just look at the ruling classes in most Third World country they do what's best for them and the rest be dammned.The problem is that the people have to face up to the truth and act on the truth that real change won't happen without them. Neither an old friend of theirs or a female true believer nor a magic Negro can bring about this change.

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