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Unreal Paintball Bovec

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Paintball je adrenalinski šport, ki ga je vredno poskusiti. Na srecanje se lahko prijavite na telefon: 041665698 (Erik) ali nam pišete e-mail na naslov:

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Unreal Paintball Bovec. Bovec, paintball, turism, adrenalin, bachelor party . Home. PAINTBALL is an adrenalin sport, which is worth a try. Particularly, if you choose one of our games, which we have prepared for you. For marking the opponents and targets you will use markers. We support up to 15 players playing at the same time. And over 25 players devided in grupes. Your safety will be. Bovec, paintball, turism, adrenalin, bachelor party . Gallery. Comments are closed. The prices include: the rental of markers and protective equipment (mask, suit and gloves) initial paintballs (100, 300 or 500) familiarization with the marker (gun) and instructions for a safe use. organization of selected games, the preparation of the terrain for those games. DURATION OF MEETING: The meeting time depends on reserved paintball packet as shown on price list. Playing time can also be extended by buying additional bullets. You can register for a paintball meeting on the phone: +386 31 348 712 or you can write us an e-mail:

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