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I'm no economist but I have been fonowlilg various blogs and the news with interest. One thing that disturbs me about public discussion in this country is how quickly a "consensus" emerges and how other views are stifled or shouted down. This happened when people predicted disaster during the housing bubble. It happened again during the run up to the budget. We were treated to a parade of politicians talking about public finances, and the need to cut spending and increase taxes. Worse still were their "yes men" economists. With few notable exceptions, no one stood up to explain the difference between accounting and economics! The government's echo chamber economists kept talking about balancing the books -- aka accountancy. There was no mention of the effects of these cuts or tax increases. Or any mention of how to allocate our scarce resources.Meanwhile, Lenihan dropped the ball by failing to cut the fat in quango land and Leinster House. I've already commented on your blog about how many politicially appointed hacks sit on quango boards. My rough estimate of the cost to them in stipends alone is 500 million. Add in your 800+ CEOs and other public "executives" with duplicate or ill-defined roles, and the numbers soon add up. These reforms won't happen easily because the beneficiaries are legion and well paid.Another absolute waste of money is our electoral system. I live in a constituency with 5 TDs. I only need one, and I need him/her the same way a fish needs a bicycle. Yet their base pay is over 100k a year + all kinds of goodies, payments and pensions.As a US Senator once quipped: "A billion here and a billion there and pretty soon you are talking about real money." We need to get serious about cutting waste and directing our dwindling resources to areas where they will have the greatest impact. [url=]lrafpfavkgg[/url] [link=]ltfcxptm[/link]

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