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strojplast pakirni stroj pakiranje folija semič bela krajina slovenija europe slovenia packing foil machine stroji za pakiranje termoskrčljiva polavtomatski avtomatski varilni zapiranje vrečk obvijanje blister zalivanje sveč zapiranje tub

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At STROJPLAST we are constantly looking for new solutions that help our customers compete on the market. We are devoted to building trusting relationships with our clients. At the end of the day a satisfied customer is what really makes all our effort worthwile. Ves čas iščemo nove rešitve, ki bi pripomogle k uspešnosti naših kupcev. Predani smo gradnji dolgoročnih partnerskih odnosov. Resnično zadovoljni smo takrat, kadar nam uspe preseči pričakovanja strank. Warning: count(): Parameter must be an array or an object that implements Countable in /home/c5strojp/public_html/wp-content/themes/strojplast/company.php on line 37 Automatic bag making machine. Industrial ovens. Contact us A wide range of machines is composed of automatic models as well as manual models that best cover needs of small scale producers. They are all designed to perform successfully in demanding industrial environments and guarantee a high quality wrapping result. Basic construction is flexible to allow certain modifications and adaptations to better. Our sealing equipment is designed for industrial users with high requirements. Well thought out construction and proven high quality materials are a warranty our sealers perform well and provide high quality seals even when exposed to intensive use. They are hand manufactured and can be tailored upon request. We assure reliable performance with. L-sealing technology wraps packaged products into film entirely. This technology is especially suitable for fine retail products where the outlook of a product on the shelf is of high importance. Typical products packaged with L-sealing technology can be seen here. According to the level of automation there are three groups of L-sealers: manual. Different technologies are used to package products. Groups of packaged products are trying to demonstrate which technology is usually/preferably used to package a typical product in the industry and how the final result looks like. Service & Support. We stand firmly by our customers after machinery has been installed. To us providing optimal support means proactivity in resolving problems and quickly organising field support when needed.

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