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Saving of 180 GWh per year. We care about environment and cost. Using our motors for Air handling units would save 180 GWh per year globally (The calculation is based on AZ motors manufactured in the last 5 years, from 2012 to 2016: 140,000 units). Domel’s innovation for drives up to 50 kW. Domel has developed an innovative new motor with a power range from 5 to 50 kW, which in combination with its electronics achieves the highest efficiency of any of its batch-produced motors. Sitemap. Products. Universal Commutator Motors. Vacuum Motors / Air Pumps (Through flow motors) Vacuum Motors / Air Pumps (Wet & Dry motors) Universal commutator motors; Permanent Magnet DC Motors; Brushless / Electronically Commutated Motors and Blowers. Brushless Blowers / Pumps; Brushless Motors Drives (EC Motors / PMS Motors / BLDC Motors) Universal commutator motors form the foundation of Domel’s product range. They are manufactured using the latest technical standards on highly automated production lines. Based on a close partnership with our customers, the business unit Components and tools offers components of electric motors - from product design and development to building of prototype and serial tools up to series production. Universal Commutator Motors; Vacuum Motors / Air Pumps (Through flow motors) Vacuum Motors / Air Pumps (Wet & Dry motors) Universal commutator motors Domel Automotive group is specialized in the development, design and construction of special drives aimed at the automotive market. Our organizational structure allows us to respond flexibly to our custumer's individual requirements. Many Domel products are used in household appliances. The household industry places high demands on quality and cost of products, and we are fulfilling these demands successfully.

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