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TIPRO - More than just keyboards

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Manufacture of computers and other information processing equipment, keyboards, touchscreens, all in one systems, integrated PC

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TIPRO Keyboards d.o.o.
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Ključne besede

12.1'' screen, 15'' screen, 25mm trackball, 2x20 display, 38mm trackball, 4x40 dipslay, 50mm trackball, 5-wire, 6.4'' customer display, 6.4'' display, accessories, all in one, all-in-one, alphanumeric display, alphanumeric layout, angle adjustment mechanism, audio, banking, bar code slot reader, BCR, befree, BeFREE family, befree fanless, befree powered, built in, cables, card reader, cardreader, CE declaration, chameleon, changeme, cherry MX, colours, compact layout, compact pc, configuration, configurations, configurator, controller, cover sets, covers, custom, customer display, customer lcd, customisation, customisations, customised, design, desktop, development, device, display, endcap, endcaps, factory built-in, fcx, fingerprint reader, flat, free, FREE family, free plus, free+, FREE+ family, front keyboard, future proof, future solution, gooseneck, gooseneck microphone module, handset, housing colour, housings, ibutton, identification, inclination, inclination mechanisms, industrial, input, integrated PC, integrated speakers, interface, IP65, k line, key size, key sizes, keyboard, keycap, keycover, keylock, keys, keyswitch, keyswitches, kiosk, K-LINE family, kline k-line, LabelMe, layout, LCD, long travel keyswitches, long-travel keyswitches, magnetic stripe card reader, manufacture, manufacturing, matris, matrix, matrix keyboard, matrix layout, MCR, microphone, microtouch, mid, MID family, MID keyboard, MiniDIN5, MiniDIN6, MiniDIN8, modular, modularity, module, monitor, numeric keys, OCR, OMRON, operator display, ordering code, ordering codes, output, panel, panel mount, poi, point of information, point of sale, pointing device, pos, power cable, pritned layout, produce, production, programable, programmable, programmable keys, protect function, protective, protective covers, PS/2 controller, qwerty, rack mount, rack-mount, resistive, retail, RF-ID, RS232 controller, rugged, serviceability, short travel keyswitches, short-travel keyswitches, solution, space saving keyboard, space-saving keyboard, speaker, speakers, special finishing, standard layout, teller, TFT, touch, touch controller, touch me, touch monitor, touchme, touchmonitor, touchpad, touchscreen, touch-screen, trackball, USB, user, user ID option, user-identification, vesa mounting, vesa mounting adapter plate, xy matrix layout, x-y matrix layout,


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