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Urarstvo LEČNIK Celje - vaš urar s tradicijo in vizijo

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I'm sorry to confess this, Travis, but prossefors already DO receive e-mails that read the way you've described. (REALLY! I have even received drunk-e-mails from students who then try to say they were not drunk whilst writing an incomprehensible e-mail at 3 a.m.). And students somehow find a way to get personal cell phone numbers and text their prossefors in the same manner (if they aren't bold enough to actually call them at all hours of the night), despite being asked to please lose the professor's personal phone number. Forever.Lastly, you should take a linguistics class. The development of our living language is FASCINATING. I mean that. It's truly amazing.Otherwise, you are not alone in your feelings on the topic and you have the sympathy of many.

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Urarstvo in trgovina, David Lecnik s.p.
[Prikaži vse domene v lasti lastnika Urarstvo in trgovina, David Lecnik s.p.]

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