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Jernej Virag | Posts | Simple article summarization | Speeding up your Android emulator | Simple division algorithm for ARM assembler | Playing video with effects using OpenGL on | Hardware troubles | Use ccache with CMake for faster compilation | Slovene lemmatization in Solr |

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Android herder, video encoding expert and gamer. Jernej Virag. Android herder, video encoding expert and gamer Android herder, video encoding expert and gamer. June, 2012. Must-have libraries in modern Android developer toolbox. H.264 web video encoding tutorial with FFmpeg I've been spending my time hacking on my slovenian news parser called news-bus buddy (source on Bitbucket. Since the “recent news” page looked a little empty with only news titles, I needed an algorithm to get summary of an article from database. Pretty much any Android developer has the same complaint: the emulator is slow to start and slower to run, making app testing very annoying. In last Android Development Tools iterations Google implemented several ways to speed up the emulator to make it usable. As I'm currently working on a compiler from a madeup language for compiler lectures, I had to find a rather decently fast division algorithm for ARM9, which is my target platform, since DIV command was introduced not sooner than ARM11 architecture. So I found a simple divison algorithm, that speeds up basic “school child” subtractive division with shifting: CMP R2, #0 BEQ divide_end ;check. The trick to playing video with effects on Android is to use OpenGL for actual frame display and then use (API 11+) SurfaceTexture class to render video as a texture on screen. See GitHub for full app demo. The process has two steps: 1. Initialize OpenGL Context to render on a SurfaceTexture Since there is no SurfaceTexture equivalent of GLSurfaceView we have to initialize an OpenGL context. Well, it seems my trustworthy server finally died completely and since I'm in Denmark I cannot debug the problem. So I moved this blog to another server. Side effect of this is that since I had to restore the posts, they all share the same publish date. Just a cosmetic problem :) It's been awfully quiet around here, to the point where the last post made is more than a year ago. In the meantime I did not disappear from the face of the earth, but have been busy with putting together the Android and C++ part of the PSPDFKit SDK. C and C++ compilers aren't the fastest pieces of software out there and there's no lack of programmer jokes based on tedium of waiting for their work to complete. There are ways to fix the pain though - one of them is ccache. CCache improves compilation times by caching previously built object files in private cache and reusing them when you're recompiling same objects with same parameters. Apache Solr is a popular full-text search engine with RESTful interface, which makes it perfect search engine with most type of web sites. However, the quality of search results is dependent on language filters, with a good lemmatizer being the most essential. That's why I've created a Solr module, which uses JSIs LemmaGen lemmatizer for Solr index building and search queries.

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